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Hi! I’m Maius! My full name is Maius Bianca Lumilan Bermejo (I know, what a mouthful). I’m a pre-medical college student at the University of Texas at Dallas, double-majoring in Biology and Healthcare Management, in hopes of being a cardiothoracic anesthesiologist someday. With that being said, you probably already guessed that I spend much of my focus on school and my passion for medicine. But I also love the arts – whether it’s singing, dancing, painting, writing, or playing my guitar, ukulele, piano, and harp. Even though I have chosen a path that requires long hours with my nose in a textbook or in a hospital, my biggest goal in life is to enjoy it.

Like any other human being, I have dreams, big and small. I make mistakes along the way, and I learn from them. I am constantly growing into the woman I want to become, but I am also rooting for myself as I am now. Somewhere along the twenty years of my life, I realized that many of you are just like me, just trying to make it out there in this big, big world – trying to be somebody. I have the confidence that I can do it, that I can pursue my dreams and transform them into reality without sacrificing life itself, and I believe you can do it, too. With my tips and stories about my life as I travel along on this journey to MD (and MBA), I hope this blog can be (mai)useful to you in your pursuit of life, happiness, and everything in between.